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How do I get from Hanoi to Ha Giang and back?

There are two kind of bus service Hanoi – Ha Giang – Hanoi. You can choose to go by day-bus or night-bus.

A guide can go together with you from Hanoi or she will wait at Ha Giang city. To have a guide from Hanoi, it will cost extra 1-day salary for a guide.

Night-bus start from My Dinh station at 9.30 – 10.00 PM and arrive in Ha Giang city around 3.30 – 4.00AM on the following day. A guide will arrange a taxi directly to Thon Tha village to the homestay. If you have big luggage, you can store them at Bong Hostel, free of charge and have breakfast before going to Thon Tha.

If you take the bus yourself, make sure to only pay for the ticket either at the official booking office or on the bus, after departing. Never pay to any "helpful" middle-men.

Once in Ha Giang, can I drive the motorbike myself?

Yes you can, as long as you have insurance that covers any accidents. Here you can find a list on what countries driving licenses that is valid in Vietnam.

Only choose this option if you are a safe and responsible driver. Don't drink and drive!

How difficult is the trek/drive, how many hours will we walk?

For 2D/1N trek, you will walk from 15 – 17 km a day, if you choose to walk longer, it could be 20 km a day, 5 – 7 hours a day.

For the trek combining with motorbike, you will discuss with your guide how you want to spend your trek, you will walk from 1 – 4 hours a day.

We do both easy and difficult trek.

How do I book my tour?

You can book your tour here on our online booking page or by email

Do you do group tours?

We only do private tours because each group that comes through our doors have different expectations and trekking abilities. However, if you find other like-minded travellers, we would be happy for you to group yourselves, but it is not something we can facilitate.

How do I pay for my trek?

The tour needs to be paid in advance. We will send you an online invoice that you pay through PayPal, you can use your credit card. We need to receive 40% deposit and the rest at latest 48 hours before the travel date. Please read through the terms and conditions on the invoice.

What is the price?

The price depends on how many days you want to trek, how many people in your group and what you want to do. Please fill in the contact form we will get back to you with our price and information.

What about food during the tour?

The tour includes lunch/dinner and breakfast. (Most tours don't include breakfast the same morning as your tour starts). Meals are a mix of traditional food with lot’s of vegetables, porks, rice and tofu. Let us know if you have any special food requirement and we will do our best to arrange that.

Drink and beverage are not included in the price.

What is a homestay?

Homestays are run by families who choose to welcome travelers and have prepared their houses to accommodate guests. At the homestay the guests share one big loft room, on the second floor in a beautiful traditional house. The host and their family stay in a separate part of the house but you eat dinner together. There are no private bedrooms in the homestays. There are hot showers, western standard toilets, beds and tasty traditional food. You don’t need to bring bed sheets, towel or sleeping bags. The homestays are clean and safe.

What do I bring for my tour?

Bring a smaller backpack with change of clothes and personal things needed for the trek. You can buy water along the way, but bring some with you if you choose to go off the main tourist trail. All homestays have mosquito nets over the bed, towels and bed sheets. Other things to bring: mosquito repellent, extra toilet paper, snacks for the road, sunblock, warmer sweater for the evening, comfortable shoes with good grip, rain jacket and a flashlight.

You don't need to bring a helmet.

Where do I meet my guide?

You can choose to meet your guide in Ha Giang or in Hanoi. To have a guide all the way from Hanoi will cost extra. Most tours starts from LaLi Inn at 113 Nguyen Trai street.

Where can I leave my luggage and shower in Ha Giang?

You can leave your luggage in LaLi Inn at 113 Nguyen Trai street. while doing a tour. There you can take a shower before and after your tour. Towers are provided.

Does Sapa Sisters arrange hotel bookings in Ha Giang?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for more information.

What is not included in the price?

  • Insurance, customer is required to have full travel insurance.
  • Pre and post trip accommodation
  • Drink and beverage
  • Other services are mentioned as inclusive

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