Ha Giang by Motorbike

Experience Ha Giang from the back of a motorbike together with a fun, knowledgable Sapa Sister. Book a motorbike trek with a driver or drive yourself. Going by motorbike is the best and most flexible way to experience Ha Giang as it’s a large area with much to explore. Even if you choose to go by motorbike there will be plenty of chances to do shorter treks and walks along the way. Feel the freedom to go by bike!
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Ha Giang by Car

Car tour in Ha Giang with Sapa Sisters. A perfect way to experience Ha Giang if you like to travel a little more convenient but still don't wanna miss out on anything. Perfect for families travelling with children!
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Ha Giang on Foot (and a little by Car)

Trek through Ha Giang with Sapa Sisters together with a fun, knowledgable Sapa Sister. Get closer to everything, stop when you want and take your time to get to know your guide, go for a swim and have a chat with people you meet along the way. For longer treks, part of the way you will be transferred by car or motorbike to bring you between the different areas.
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